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We hold the belief that ambition serves as a catalyst for growth. At Théros, we foster a culture that empowers our team members to continuously evolve and advance, encouraging them to pursue excellence. When you become part of our journey, you unlock numerous opportunities to expedite your own development.

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Théros, headquartered in France, operates as a versatile fashionhouse employing a multidisciplinary strategy., the brand hasexplored an unconventional route inspired by his passion forphotography, art, architecture, and contemporary culture. Thisdistinctive approach has transformed Théros into a highly esteemedproducer of ready-to-wear fashion house. Step into the Théros,where every garment tells a story of timeless elegance, inclusivity,and a commitment to quality that stands the test of time.

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How we recruit

In every hiring process, our dedication lies in selecting individualsbased on their potential. We aim to unite people from variedbackgrounds, each bringing their distinctive experiences and skillsto the table. What holds paramount importance to us is yourmindset and your eagerness to embrace learning opportunities.

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Our primary objective is to establish ourselves as a forward-thinkingFashion brand that holds signi cance in contemporary times. Forus, this entails demonstrating courage and creativity while stayingwithin the limits of our planet's resources and making sustainabilitya central focus in all our endeavors.

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